Tutoring Makes an Impact for the Learner and Teacher

It is August and as children head back to school, it is important to remember that every child learns at a different speed.  Returning to school and working through reading assignments, math problems, history projects and more can take a little extra effort for some children.  This is the reason that tutoring programs are helpful and instrumental in creating lasting success for many school-aged children.  In talking with a tutor who volunteers her time with the King Kennedy Community Center, it was interesting to hear how the experience of being a tutor impacts the child learning as well as the tutor who is providing the needed assistance.  See Jenna's story below:

When I walked into my first year of college, I had no idea the most impactful thing would be my position as a tutor. Over the past four years, I have traveled to the King Kennedy Community Center after class to be with children in the Ravenna community and empower them through education.  When I first came in, I was made aware these children were falling behind many others. None of these children knew who I was and what I would be doing. Most of them probably thought I’d be just another volunteer that came and went for the day. However, over the past four years I have grown such a bond with each of these children. I have seen them succeed in ways I thought were unimaginable. These children have transformed right before my eyes—physically, mentally and behaviorally. Nothing will ever compare to a child telling me I’m the reason they’re making it through school. None of this would be possible without the King Kennedy Community Center. The center provides a safe community, empowers children to succeed in their education and transforms lives. I know it did for mine.

Jenna L., America Reads Tutor at the King Kennedy Community Center

To learn more about the King Kennedy Community Center and its programming, visit fcsserves.org/program/king-kennedy-community-center/ or check them out on Facebook at @KingKennedyCommunityCenter.